Ruta Kalmane Saksens was born and raised in Riga, but since 2013 is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ruta’s previous research of the language of visual advertisements for the BA English Linguistics study and the research of text visualisation tools for the MA English linguistics study, both from the University of Latvia, formed the basis of her interests in visual studies. Having followed introductory courses in Graphic Design of Advertisements, in 3D Interiour Modelling and in Photography, Ruta followed her dream to develop herself artistically and joined the MA Photography course of the Falmouth University in early 2021. In 2016 Ruta adopted Lexi, a golden Labrador-Retriever who raised her interests in the world of animals, leading to the completion of short courses in Animal Psychology and Pet Adoption.

Ruta’s interests in photography are focused on animal, wildlife and nature subjects. Her most recent project focuses on dog relationship with their owners, seeking ways to visually represent the elements of bonding between them.