Participation in the (IN)VISIBLE sub-exhibition of the #LANDINGS2021 exhibition that opened on 6th August 2021. This online group exhibition explores themes around making the invisible visual. Visualising the varied narratives cloaked in invisibility.

LANDINGS2021 is an online collection of curated exhibitions featuring work by students and staff of the Falmouth Flexible Photography programs "at" Falmouth University.


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Disabled dogs don't get the same attention from a wider public as healthy dogs. Doortje is a lovely middle age dog who is lucky with her owners to accept her situation as it is and to take care of her. Often people bring unwanted dogs to a shelter and leave them, and even more often it happens to disabled dogs. In a shelter they become invisible. There's nobody to love them anymore, and in the worst cases they get euthanised, disappearing from this world forever. However, there are still people who take the responsibility for their adopted pets, like the owners of Doortje. Scan the QR code to learn more about Doortje and to hear her voice.

About the photomontage: this piece of work is a combination from photographic images from a digital camera, from a pet camera (worn by the dog) and from a disposable camera (used by the participant).

Mixed media, audible photomontage