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Pages of 'The Bush Monster' Book

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Book pages (in English) in full view are available in the PDF file below.

TBM Book Pages
Download PDF • 17.21MB

Book pages (in Dutch) in full view are available in the PDF file below.

TBM Pages (in Dutch)
Download PDF • 9.94MB

There are two dummy books created by hand (cover: 230 mm x 155 mm, inside: 200 mm x 150 mm) – one in English and one in Dutch.

Kalmane Saksens 2023. Two handmade books

The dummy books contain papers (sugarcane paper, acid-free paper, recycled paper, cardboard paper and organic handmade thuja paper) of different weights (from 80gr/m2 to 300gr/m2), a woodless seed pencil, organic matter and a transparent bag made from biodegradable plastics (made from plant biomass).

Text and images are printed using ink cartridges made with over 40% recycled plastic. The book binding contains 100% organic cotton thread and solvent free glue. The covers are printed on a solvent-free paper and produced in an environmentally friendly manner by MYPOSTER GmbH.

The graphic design direction comes from a graphic designer Ariffik Ariffin. The rhyming story is edited by a text editor Jennifer Moffeit-Vacher (in English) and by a Dutch language teacher Minon van Tol (in Dutch).

The images are sequenced according to the corresponding text of the rhyming story. The book has an interactive nature and its primary target audience are children.

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