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The second week of the production requires a lot of energy for physically putting the installation together and trying to put it out in the park.

Fig. 1: Saksens, 2021. Planning of the production week #2 [photographic image]

Building the structure of the installation was more complicated than expected and there's definitely more room for the improvement in the future in terms of aesthetics. Working with second-hand wood and doing prints on a natural material by hand is quite different from ordering ready-made prints from a printing agency. However, sustainability for me was an important factor, and it was also a great exercise to find out how to transfer prints on wood by hand.

A try out installation was placed in the park on a windless day and it seemed functional, there were a few things to think about, like how to prepare putting sticks in the ground more properly, but overall trying out an installation beforehand was useful.

Fig. 2: Saksens, 2021. A try-out set up of the installation [photographic image]

Planning the day and time of executing the installation turned out to be a very difficult task when the window of possibility is quite narrow. Due to the rainy and windy weather conditions I couldn't predict the timing of the final execution, which happened spontaneously in between rainy showers. It was disappointing to me, as well as to the participants of the project who were not able to come because of the last minute invitation.

In overall, the week was successful, and the next step is to prepare and finalize the obtained video material of the actual installation day.


Figure 1: SAKSENS, Ruta. 2021. Planning of the production week #2 [photographic image].

Figure 2: SAKSENS, Ruta. 2021. A try-out set up of the installation [photographic image].

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