Participation in the Self-Server sub-exhibition of the #LANDINGS2021 exhibition that opened on 6th August 2021, hosted on platform. The purpose of Self-Server exhibition was to create a visual representation of the hidden identities of the artists to appreciate process of creating and courage to stay behind and exist through art.

LANDINGS2021 is an online collection of curated exhibitions featuring work by students and staff of the Falmouth Flexible Photography programs "at" Falmouth University.


Self-portrait in collaboration with Lexi, a five year old Labrador-Retriever.

I am very used to photographing dogs, but I always stay on the other side of the camera. This time we are changing places. Lexi is wearing a pet collar camera and we are interacting in the garden. He takes shots of me as he moves around.

Being a dog owner means having a lot of silly and playful moments. My dog helps me to remember there’s a little child hidden in every one of us. Perfection and a one-sided view doesn’t exist in co-existence with dogs. 

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