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IMAGE AND TEXT BY Saksens Kalmane

Being a translator with a deeply personal interest in visual arts served as a starting point for becoming a photographer who focuses on image and text relationship through practicing nature photography.


The Last Drop Makes the Cup Run Over

This project is a self-reflection of my mental state of mind after becoming a parent, illustrating through nature photography the overwhelming feelings arising from frustration, sensory overload, sleep deprivation, emotional meltdowns, repetitive daily-life cycle, and increased stress.

The last drop makes the cup run over.jpg


The Bush Monster

This photographically illustrated rhyming story for children tells a tale about a bush monster who bullies those who are different from the mainstream and chooses a nearby reindeer as his next target.


What happens to leavesWhen they fall off trees?

This photographically illustrated book for children tells an unusual rhyming story of a leaf that seeks an answer to the question what happens to leaves when they fall off trees.



The Park Behind My Backyard

Putting in spotlight Venserpark, a place where nature tells stories to those who listen, this project looks at the natural world and environment of an urban park area.


Hortus Venserparcum

Hortus Venserparcum is a hand-made book combining photography and hand-made paper, developed as a Final project for an artisan paper-making course.



Human-Canine Bond

Human-Canine Bond looks into the relationship between dogs and their owners.

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