Ruta Kalmane Saksens




Emst, the Netherlands

Date of Birth:

October 1st, 1987

About the Artist

Ruta Kalmane Saksens, an artist who mainly works with photography, was born and raised in Latvia, but since 2013 is based in the Netherlands.

Ruta's previous research of the language of visual advertisements for the BA English Linguistics study and the research of text visualisation tools for the MA English linguistics study, both from the University of Latvia, formed the basis of her interests in visual studies. Having followed introductory courses in Graphic Design of Advertisements, in 3D Interiour Modelling and in Photography, Ruta followed her dream to develop herself artistically and joined the MA Photography course of the Falmouth University in early 2021. 

Ruta's attention in photography focuses on animal, wildlife and nature subjects, seeking ways to visually represent the elements of the natural world. Following a personal interest in environmentally friendly ways of creating artistic paper, Ruta has completed a course in papermaking process with plants and common weeds, further complimenting her personal artistic language.

Personal Development Timeline

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Currently studying at the Falmouth University, MA Photography course.

Participation in the art work exhibition of young Latvian artists in the Netherlands, organised by the Latvian Embassy in the Netherlands, in the Hague.

Researched the topic of photographically illustrated books for children and developed a rhyming story for children 'What happens to leaves When they fall off trees?'

Received a certificate for completing the Udemy online course Writing for Children taught by the instructors Steve Alcorn and Dani Alcorn.

Done research into collaboration with nature and other artists, and carried out the project 'The Park Behind My Backyard' in collaboration with the Dutch sound engineer Joshua Krosenbrink.

Worked as a public employee for the COBRA Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen, the Netherlands during the Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera temporary exhibition 'Love Revolution'.

Received a certificate for taking the Domestika online course 'Introduction to Narrative Photography' taught by Dara Scully, Artistic Photographer.

Created a hand-made paper book 'Hortus Venserparcum' combining photography and hand-made paper as a part of an online papermaking course. Received a certificate for taking the Domestika online course 'Artisanal Paper Elaboration' taught by Juan Barbé, Master Papermaker, Artisan Papermaking Expert.

Participated in #Landings2021 online sub-exhibitions 'Human-Nature Bond', 'Self-server', 'Retake the World' and '(In)Visible', organized by Falmouth University students.

Co-curated #Landings2021 online sub-exhibition 'Human-Nature Bond'.

Participated in the Collective heARTs virtual world online art exhibition, hosted on the digital world-building platform Topia.

Researched the topic of dogs in photography and developed a personal project 'Human-Canine Bond' that looked into the relationships between dogs and their owners.

Developed a personal project 'I See You' that combined photography with poetry.

Received a Professional Diploma in Photography and Diploma in Adobe Lightroom following Shaw Academy online courses.

Worked as a Freelance Translator for a variety of businesses, including Booking.com (Tourism and Hospitality industry).

Received a Certificate of Achievement for a Vinology online course from the University of Adelaide.

Received three certificates of completion for following online courses in Animal Psychology and Pet Adoption by Online Academies and by Holly and Hugo.

Received a certificate of completion for an online interior 3D Modeling Design course from JD Campus London.

Worked as an English language and Economics teacher for Riga Centre Humanitarian Secondary School, in Riga, Latvia.

Relocated to Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Self-published a book (academic research) 'Improving Reading Comprehension with Text Visualisation Tools'.

Received a Master's Degree in Humanities, English philology with an emphasis on methodology from the University of Latvia.

Self-published a book (academic research) 'Advertising: Using Words as Tools for Selling'.

Received a Professional Qualification Certificate in Visual advertisement design, a course organised from the study centre BUTS in Riga, Latvia.

Received a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities, English philology from the University of Latvia.

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