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Ruta Saksens Kalmane





Emst, the Netherlands

About the Artist

Ruta Saksens Kalmane, a linguist with a deeply personal interest in art and photography, was born in 1987 in Riga, but has been based in the Netherlands since 2013.

Ruta's previous research of the language of visual advertisements for a BA English Linguistics study and research of text visualisation tools for a MA English linguistics study, both from the University of Latvia, formed the basis of her interests in visual studies. After having researched verbal and written language, to dig into the world of visual language, Ruta completed a MA Photography course from Falmouth University.

Ruta's style of photography focuses on nature subjects, seeking ways to visually represent arbitrary connections of the natural world. Ruta’s works have been showcased in group and solo exhibitions, including online exhibitions.


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