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The idea for presenting the current Human-Canine Bond project is to make an installation outdoors, in a park area next to my house where the local residents go for a walk, where dog owners take their dogs out for a walk and where young adults gather in their free time to enjoy the park. When it comes to dogs, one thing they have in common: the love for fallen tree branches. I often play catch and throw with my own dog, so a dog with a piece of wood in his mouth in a park is a view that I see a lot. Moreover, dogs and wooden dog houses go perfectly together as well. These connections have inspired me to do an installation in a park with images transferred on wood. There's only one downside - I have never transferred prints on wood before. Therefore, it was time to experiment and find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to transferring images on wood.

SAKSENS, Ruta. 2021. How (not) to transfer images on wood [short video]. Ruta Saksens: Private collection.

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